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Originally Posted by foundrelic View Post
200,000 Dilithium for this project jsut proves once and for all that these feature projects are little more than dilithium black holes. My Fleet will be passing on this one, just like we did the Security one.
Seriously what proof is needed? That is the purpose of the featured projects. It's the purpose of the whole darn system. Do we have to get the Architect and Agent Smith in here to explain this crap with as many words possible for some of you to get it?!?!?!?!??!

Irregardless of the fact that it's a DL sink to get the value of DL back up... I will happily hand over DL and clap like a freakin' seal, and do you know why??? Cause it's my DL and that's what I feel like spending it on and if you or the rest of these cry babies don't, I don't care to hear about it.

It's a status symbol... that we have crap loads of DL.... Also, why does everyone complain about this when the projects go for 60 and 80k a pop and only give EXP, for those you truly get nothing of substance...

What they should do it put some new crap in the DL store that wont be superseded by another store...
  • Not weapons that are basically useless now that Advanced/Elite Fleet gear is here.
  • Not consoles that are basically useless because better can be had via the DOff system and exchange by proxy.
  • Not ship equipment that are basically useless because better can be had via STF and crafting (though the Aegis needs either warp 14 or some other gimmick to complete with STF in my opinion)

Then perhaps I would have a choice and might spend more of my crap loads of DL on stuff.
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