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10-03-2012, 07:18 PM
Oh Crap, the person who made this thread is no longer around? Or is this post simply locked or somethin'?

Either way, I need a hand, if anyone knows. Obviously, I run STO with Wineskin, and have done for almost a year, after finding this thread. I bought a new iMac three months ago, and had to reinstall it, which was the biggest nightmare i've EVER had - It took me weeks, of pulling me hair out to make it work correctly, or fit my screen, or suit my graphics. But after long enough, i got it to work and whatnot.

ANYWAY, the problem is, just this morning, straight away after clicking the icon on my Dock, after a couple of seconds, a small Error box comes up and states the following:

"Wineskin Error,

ERROR! Launching wineserver failed! No New winserver PID found!"

Can someone help me out? I'ma go nuts without STO, even if it's for a couple days.

Thanks in advance,