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10-03-2012, 10:37 PM
Hey guys I'm back!

Guess this is my new incarnation since I've just linked my STO account. I had to make a complete new PWE account in order to link, since the Cryptic link that was suppose to assist in the linking process is bugged to hell, lol.

Who am I you might say, well:

The Most Interesting Man

Formerly known as @BlackV7 - The guy with the Interesting Image holding the Duck lol.

Unfortunately; I am now known as stark2k, kinda suck.

This suck, my post count is back to 0, and I lost my original handle & image

By the way, when can I get to use my original image?

I have to get use to this new forum layout and its profile setting. So far its giving me a slight headache lol.

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