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10-04-2012, 03:32 AM
Originally Posted by chaz200565 View Post
The game is becoming very stale now,and needs freshening up.
Whats needed is.
Lots of new episode missions.
Substantially increased rewards on all current episode missions,by that i mean purple grade Mk Xll drops. The same goes for all stf's,Pve,Pvp and all other events too.
Bigger and better chances with the lock boxes.
I just hope that season 7 and 8 are going to be alot better,with perhaps less of a need to spend real money on this game.
I would like to see building times and respawns shortened big time,they are far too long.
A new type of ground weapon against the borg would good where they can not adapt to it.
A new system where the duty officers do alot more of the work,so we don't have to do it.
Yes, because nothing says fresh and invigorating like handing out max level rewards which gives people nothing to work for and taking all of the challenge out of the main bad guys of the game.

Good drive people away quicker. Your asking to have all of the work taken out of the game and want to be handed wow...thats probably where you are is from WoW...want super casual everything handed to you.