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10-04-2012, 03:46 AM
not only from the start of F2P, you had nothing to actually challenge you, besides PVP and STFs
They changed one part...made it grindy and took out the reward from the other one.

the way you are rewarded in this game is by spending more money, for a chance to get something...disturbing.
Or you do easy as hell missions over and over and over, again for a chance to get something.

so either you dump ridiculous amounts of money to play the game, or you spend hours ov doing repetitive things. some are even just klicking around...doff missions, those offer no challenge to a sane mind at all.

when i first heard about the game, i was so excited. i thought that it would be like 25th anniversary or judgement rites. A mix of space combat with ground missions where your goal is to solve some mysteries or riddles. i mean the space combat does not disappoint...but there is too much focus on actual combat in ground missions. Sure some combat is nice, but as in the shows, it should be moderated atleast for the FED. Klingons should be able to solve anything with their fists.

i was expecting an action adventure as ground missions, but it is one of the lamest RPG combat systems.

i can see that the feature episodes already tried to go into that direction and i appreciate it, but missions like nukara dissapoint in that regard and the lottery lootbox they offer too.

i still play it anyway, and will continue, since i'm a Trekker and the game is for free. But will i ever invest money into it? No, there is not enough encouragement and sense to do so. if i want to spend 20 ? on a lottery game...i play the actual lottery, much greater chances of winning something anyway.
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