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10-04-2012, 05:03 AM
Season 6, the season that promised tholians, fleet bases, and some muchly needed endgame content In reality it's nothing more than a giant grindfest, with the same old sh#@ but a different skin, and while Fleetbases were entertaining at first, the amount of resources just for a simple regular project are ridiculous the second you get out of tier 0. The 200k proves the money sink point people have been making since before season 6 officially launched and over all for those of us that tested season 6 even a couple of times on tribble it already got boring.

The cold hard fact is that Cryptic is painfully incapable of producing content viable for the time span in between season releases. When the 2800 series was released 1 episode per week there was something to look forward to, something to change up the grind of dil or stf gear everyday, since then having something to look forward to has been severely lacking.

I completely agree that this game seriously needs some refreshing to make it more entertaining to play.

Holodecks: Add a holodeck to the ship interiors, social maps, and make them functional. Simply put, the foundry missions are buried in the ui, and either mostly forgotten about or simply dismissed. A simple addition of adding the anticipation of going to the holodeck to start a foundry mission, the increased efficiency of a new foundry mission ui, and the simplistic joy of going to the holodeck and actually activating the lastest holonovel. If you really need a monetary reason for doing so, add some holodeck costume packs to the c-store.

Mini-games: Dabo is fun for awhile, but GPL is pretty useless overall. Throughout ST: TNG and Voyager there were several episodes where the crew were playing poker, tongo, blackjack, and several other casino style games. Simply creating a social casino style map with the addition of these mini games and the ability to spend and win EC would greatly add to the playability. It's not grinding if it's fun, and the worldwide explosion in popularity of poker games like texas hold'em shouldn't be overlooked. The addition of these mini games would really really add some much needed distraction from the lack of fresh content while new content is being developed.

Dynamic content: somewhat branching from the mini-games concept would be the addition of shuttle races. Even with the map sizes being somewhat smaller the scale size of a shuttle would still allow for a good length shuttle race, and give us another reason to dust off the highly under utilized shuttles. Bets could be placed with EC, Dil, GPL, with prizes won in whatever currency you bet in, or ever better yet if you place 1st 10 times you can refine 500 more dil a day, 20 times 1000 more dil 1000 times 5000 more dil a day. Yes that would be adding another grind into the game, but atleast the prize would be worth the work.