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# 1 weekly pvp update- 10/4/2012
10-04-2012, 05:36 AM
Hey critters and stuffs!

i still havent played so i'm just going on what i hear via the forums and steam chats.

the timestuff is op, but thats pretty much how every pay to win thing is. always more powerful then the last pay to win item. welcome to world of the "rich".

the ground stasis pistol got a little balanced with being effected by resits, why hasnt the space version been changed too?

i hear rumors that the siphion drones will be changed with season 7. thats in a couple months. they say we'll get full testing on tribble before it goes live to make adjustments. lets hope thats true.

accusations of plasma torps causing lag in space combat -snickers-

apparently the cruiser is the most hated and most loved ship by cryptic in the game (see the pvp thread- and the pve thread- ) the irony...

borticus confessed to not testing something in a multiplayer enviroment, makes me wonder what else hasnt been tested properly- "I confess to not having tested it with teammates, only in a 1v1 situation. So I can't give you a definite answer."

rumor has it that cryptic cares about pvp. -rolls eyes-

the subnuc doffs are being changed, weither or not they will be more balanced is up for debate.

fleet weapons for pvp kinda blow.

the game needs more tribbles.

And thats this weeks recap/update. as usual anything thats needed will be added.

Originally Posted by dontdrunkimshoot View Post
bort mentioned he noticed my talk of DEM not functioning during over time tactical ability use and was going to look into it

also he mentioned in this thread about BFI doffs getting fixed on due to how overwhelmingly powerful they can be
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