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Originally Posted by dassemsto View Post
OP? against whom?

CPB buffed to the maximum at every expense, can do about 6k shield damage.
Interesting. I only get my CPB3 to 5k - but I only have Mk X purple consoles.

Note, this is a heavy investment, uses your only Cmdr slot, and has a loong CD.
Well, 45 seconds.

Say you want to kill a borg cube. What is the shield cap of a borg cube? about 30-40k. It also regens shields at an alarming rate, meaning the regen alone is almost enough to rebuild 6k shields before your CPB CD is over.
Ah, but here you are using an AOE ability to fight a single big bad. The CPB is not the tool for that, you would rather use Tyken's Rift for it. CPB really shines against multiple smaller foes.

How can this be considered OP? No, wait, how can it be considered even useful?
It is not OP - it might become if it was buffed by the devs. And it is useful once you imagine what your torp spread does to a wing of shieldless fighters, or what several sci ships using this together on the enemy team (the whole team) will achieve: You do shield drain (which is really equivalent to damage in terms of countermeasures in PvP) to the whole opposing team - to get their shields up again, all of them must now be healed, and this is in addition to what else your team may field to bring down their shields.

Think about this: 5k shield drain per facing, 20k per opposing ship, up to 100 000 total that now must be healed on way or another. That is not useless, even if their resistances drop that number to half that value.
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