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10-04-2012, 05:52 AM
Originally Posted by sophlogimo View Post
Think about this: 5k shield drain per facing, 20k per opposing ship, up to 100 000 total that now must be healed on way or another. That is not useless, even if their resistances drop that number to half that value.
math! you're doing it wrong!

sure, you can multiply the drain by 4, but then you'd also have to multiply the receivers shields by 4! In wich case, the cube has 160k shields.

You're 5-man full CPB team will be outmatched by one guy in an escort with DHCs and Scatter volley.

If they flat out doubled the drain from CPB, it would not become useful. If they x4 it, it would reach the level it was before the resists were added and gave 'everyone' 75% resist. It would be viable, but not particularily useful outside a premade setting. This we know, because this is what we had for 2 years.

Think about it. It was not OP before it got a 75% nerf, that means buffing it x4 would not make it OP, except against pets. (it's no theory, opinion or speculation, it has been tried and tested)