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Originally Posted by havam View Post
the problem isn't cruisers, but the awesomesauce that tac/cruisers can be, compared to the lameass excuse of eng/cruisers or eng/scorts.
The problem is that the game has been designed to make the player overcome high HP opponents in PvE that have no intelligence or embedded AI combat routine that is fixed thier thier faction so direct damage is the best way and the non-tactical classes/vessels can not compete with a tac in Direct damage normally.
The Devs need to rethink thier difficulty set-up and make the AIs play smarter not be just tougher. Then possibly the Engineer and Science classes/vessels can compete using non-direct damage powers to be more helpful in PvE besides just a healer/support.

Making the Cruiser deadlier will not help and will just skew things out of balance more.
Making beams more damaging will not help as the Escort can use those beams and still be more effective.

1)My suggestion is making DBBs rear slottable on Cruisers/Science vessels.creating a new.
2)Create a new beam BOff ability that fits into the buffing CRF style attack. Possibly a sustained beam attack or a beam rapid fire variant.
3) Drop CRF/CSV down to being a T1 through T3 BOff ability to allow Cruisers access to CRF3/CSV3 at LTC on those Cruiser with the LTC Tac/BOff choice.
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