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Originally Posted by theultimatex View Post
Where does this fantasy of the Vesta costing Cryptic extra to get come from?
Assuming facts not in evidence.

Ambiguous ownership and both the designer and Cryptic needing to get permission from multiple sources independently do not inherently create excessive cost, only delays. There's never been discussion of licensing costs, only lack of response on permissions. Delays will inflate the budget of a standalone release, but with an incremental microtransaction model like STO uses for its monetized content, the effect isn't as significant, unless the delays tie up enough manpower that other incremental releases are also delayed.

And that's where the theory dies. STO has certainly not failed to maintain a microtransaction release schedule. A majority of the ships on the C-store, and for that matter the game, landed there AFTER the first talk of the Vesta, all the lockboxes, several seasons, the foundry...

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