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Originally Posted by bitemepwe View Post
The Devs need to rethink thier difficulty set-up and make the AIs play smarter not be just tougher.
While this is a common issue in the majority of MMOs - where it's just a meatier mob with a bigger club for the increase in difficulty, it's apparent in a sad way in STO where you can fight a level 1 version of a mob and fight a level 50 version of the same mob.

Sometimes the AI's just broken as well. You jam and they just stop. Their AI is set to look for another target, it doesn't find one, so it just sits there and lets you frag it. There are ships you can sit on top of - literally, on top - where they will just fly around ever so slowly with you up there and fire the odd beam if they have it. If you were in a front/rear/side arc, it would use any of its abilities - fire torps - etc, etc, etc. But because you are where you are, they just let you kill them.

Players (hopefully) get better as they play. Mobs don't. A player that has abilities that require an arc will (hopefully) try to get the target in that arc.

The game woefully prepares anybody to face another player. Tada, countless threads from PvE All Stars that finally decide to PvP at 50 and it's like waking up after a night of binge drinking next to a hairy guy asking if you want to cuddle... yes, as a guy. They freak out. It's to be expected.