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Originally Posted by hurleybird View Post
Damnit, I was drinking milk when I read that!
we've been over this, with the abundance of healing Engs have lost their native advantage. Who needs to put an eng into the recluse to hit 6mio healing average? but another SNB is always welcome. BFI DOFFs, Jem Bug, assim set all give out great heals to every ship no matter the player class, again less use for a healer.

Without healing, what fun is there to play and eng/cruiser? all it does it prolongs the match...

Let me see you great premade with two or more eng cruisers and then tell me it isn't a waste/snoozefest/no end match. take it to NWS if you like....

tac/fleet vorcha's or sci are at least fun, and still more viable then a second eng cruiser, let alone an eng/scort or sci to begin with.

Originally Posted by bitemepwe View Post
Making the Cruiser deadlier will not help and will just skew things out of balance more.
Making beams more damaging will not help as the Escort can use those beams and still be more effective.
S.a. Escort healing has to go down by like 50% and Sci ships by maybe 25% for eng to shine again.

It s not just PvE dummies crying, there is too much healing in this game, to the point that it has made a whole class superfluous.

Even worse, with all the healing eng's can bring a prolonged death sentences,but thats it. Because of the yo-yo nature of STO healing, your team doesn't get an advantage for fighting off death over time, so sooner or later random procs will kill even the best heal/tank under focus, but there is no gain for the tank to have prolonged the match until this point.

If eng healers, or eng scorts are so great, how come all those great knowledgeable PvPers don't field them en mass? How come that most build in this section (spare an updated Starcruiser build) are tac or sci build, that can be used by engs, too, let alone their Cpt powers have zip synergy with these build?
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