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Originally Posted by havam View Post
the problem isn't cruisers, but the awesomesauce that tac/cruisers can be, compared to the lameass excuse of eng/cruisers or eng/scorts.
You wouldn't catch me dead as a tac flying the following.

Assault Cruiser
Orion Flight Deck Cruiser
Voquv Carrier
Atrox Carrier
Orion Ball Sack

There's plenty of Amazing Eng cruisers in the game. Stop facerolling yourself and get over it. "qqn I don't dps qqn!" You have RSF. That's all you need. Jesus. (especially with the advent of an Extend Shields doff)

If you want to play damage, to play a Tac. Infact go put him in a Cruiser, and borrow one of my builds. And see how "easy" it is to do so to do any meaningful damage, particularly fedside. There's only a handful of builds that work well enough to be taken on a Premade Level for tacs. Funny that most of said builds are in my thread.

Yet even a sub par eng healer build is still good enough, since it doesn't have to keep heals in reserve to save it's own ass.

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