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Originally Posted by ghostyandfrosty View Post
You wouldn't catch me dead as a tac flying the following.

Assault Cruiser
Orion Flight Deck Cruiser
Voquv Carrier
Atrox Carrier
Orion Ball Sack

There's plenty of Amazing Eng cruisers in the game. Stop facerolling yourself and get over it. "qqn I don't dps qqn!" You have RSF. That's all you need. Jesus.
not interested in DPS, but i see no point in bringing another 2mio healing to my sci brothers 6mio healing.....its no fun, and superfluous

wow guess engs should be happy that some cruisers are still better suited to their task, then to tacs dpsing.
same for sci ships, cc is in such a sad state, why would anybody choose a nebula over a starcruiser as healer?? it doesn't add up.
How many of the above combos would you include in a premade?Cruiser: Oddy> SC/AC, all are better then Eng Nebbie, Dk'yr DSSV...
Recluse> other carriers

Now think about the list of things you wouldn't catch an eng dead in... notice something about the length of that list...though so.
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