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Originally Posted by levi3 View Post
I don't have numbers - but i play the game 6 hrs a day every day - all over the map - and i don't see the regent more than a couple times in the whole day.

I see the Oddy everywhere, I see the Armitage a lot, I see other FED ships a lot but almost no regents - I would call that a bomb. I don't think i am the only player that does not see the Regent very often.

And Talking about the 2 ships this one is way different - first i said that i was going over the top on the Regent which was just A REFIT of the Sov

The VESTA is the first completely new Starfleet C-Store starship to the Game since the Oddy - off course it needs to 1 up the bar.
So do you right click, and look at everyone's bio when you pass every Sovereign you see in space to see if it's a Refit...or do you just assume everyone who got the ship has it on default and would not change it's look??