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Originally Posted by hevach View Post
Considering it was the second most common C-store cruiser I've seen in PVE queues since it released (most common if you don't count the Odysseys as a single ship) I think it's safe to guess where your inside information comes from.

If Regent sales were nonexistent, then Armitage sales were mediocre at best.
I don't PvE a lot any more I just fly around the stars doing doff missions - yesterday during Infected bonus day i did 20 infecteds arcoss 6 toons and saw the Regent 1 time - so maybe it was their day off.

Bottom line is this - if Cryptic want to match sales of the oddy - which as their last big investment in a ship they will HAVE to do what they did with the Oddy which was 1 up every other ship in the c-store

So by this same logic if they want the VESTA to be as successful or better than the Oddy they will have to move the bar up 1 notch - everyone will have to get the Vesta as most people felt they had to get the Oddy.

That's the way every company does things in America with the next generation of product.