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To allude to the thread's title:

No ship should ever be built intentionally OP. If the ship is undesired (new part refitted Sovvy - I mean Regent) then it may/will bomb, but if a ship is relatively/highly desired, it will be bought despite the statistics.

To wit: Tier 1 TOS Connie.

Onto the next part, the financials: Typically, there is a flat licensing fee then a percentage of profit paid as royalties. I don't think Cryptic / PWE, or any company for that matter, would pay a licensing fee so high that said fee would eat up all anticipated profits. If sales are expected to be low, then the usual offer is "low license, high royalties" - get the license out and pray it's effective enough to generate major high royalties, or, for major sellers, the goal is "high license, low royalties" basically the "we paid for it up front and make a killing off the sales later" plan... What makes a successful manager / company is knowing (taking this case) whether the Vesta is desired enough to make "high license, low royalties" the plan, or is the Vesta a major gamble that going "low license high royalty" might be the way to keep the lion's share of the limited income pool from the Vesta.
very good point - now what one would cryptic do? And if they choose the high licence does that mean they will make the ship super OP to make sales huge and win on that side?