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Originally Posted by levi3 View Post
I said the first new Starfleet starship - the Atrox is not a Starfleet produced Starship ... so yes it does not count.
You know the amusing thing?

I dont see many Atrox around, sure they exist (I use one) but its a slow turning carrier and there are not really that many Carrier captains around, even in KDF (but KDF have more of them) and, of course, the Armitage is just a easier ship to handle and have taken some Carrier Captains away from the Atrox.

And I am sorry but the Atrox is a Federation Carrier, dont try to win argument by saying "it does not count" since by extent that would mean EVERY SINGLE Non-Klingon design would also "not count" since they are Orion/Gorn/Nausicaan/Fek'Ihri.

Oh and does the D'Kyr count?

You just tried to ignore his point, that was you have no way to know how well did the Regent sold because it have FOUR possible skins, considering how the Sovereign refit was asked again and again its no wonder if people that brought it are using the Sovereign skin, also there are people that could brought it for the Wide Angle Launcher for their other ships, unlike the Odyssey and the Atrox that only have one possible hull configuration and so are easy to identify and also have no unique console/weapons that can be used on other ships.