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the written word is a lie - johnny rotten

Complete sentence form, except this one

I created an Alien Science officer with stealth space abilties.

i then proceeded to make a super shuttle and pvp to admiral in it.

I use the yellow stone engine for the tetryon gas (aft weapon)

I use the ferengi shuttle metaphasic shield for last gasp (orange force field)

I use the temporal shuttle deflector for a yellowinsh ray that does somethng (another weapon)

The consoles i use are Impulse Burst, Photonic Displacemnt, and Thorzine pulse burst from the stealth shuttle

i change out the photonic displacement or the Impulse Burst- for either the Defense Turret or Isometric Charge.

(changing one, but never both, there is always a photonic or impulse burst for escape)

The thorzine burst thing console is never replaced

I use Jam sensors as the bridge officers in case someone locks on with tractor beam, but
polarize hull is another option.

I use the Harpange for radiatiuon damage and to see if i made a hit.

I used to do STF's while creating this and they changed it which is a shame.

I use the Chaffee shuttle because i lkke the way it looks - it offers emergency power to engines and it has back engines high.

It is the only shuttle that has upward engines like the enterprise and moves more like a glide as oppossed to like a klingon ship with low engines

Also, i like to fly back heavy ships.

A shuttle also has plenty of spaces available for holographic ships.

I use the Freighter, Ferengi, Cardassian and Breen holograms.

I made these choices becasue i read about a year and a half ago that you can't play the game in a shuttle.

Data, Spock, Picard, Janeway, - all kinds of Feds flew in shuttles and attacked.

I was thrown out of three fleets for flying a shuttle.