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Originally Posted by neoakiraii View Post
no they wont make a ship super OP, one that would kill the joke they call PVP for good. Making an OP ship will throw that casket in the ground throwing some gas on it, lighting it on fire, having the fire spread to the whole cemetery, collect the insurance money, and splitting town.

Why would they make a 30 year old ship, the most powerful ship in game, the ship to rule them all...the ship that would have players saying..."your 29th century star ships are nothing to me, for I am god".

Yeah it's not going to happen, also why would they make it better than the Flagship of the Federation I can see them making it 3000 Zen, if they choose not to make a fleet ship out of it later, and just give it a nth console now.
First off if you think PvP will ever be brought back to life or rescued from the grave - I have some ocean view property in the very centre of the Sahara Desert to sell you.

Second the ship was a 1 shot - 1 kill Borg tactical Cube destroyer so yes it was pretty OP