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Originally Posted by levi3 View Post
First off if you think PvP will ever be brought back to life or rescued from the grave - I have some ocean view property in the very centre of the Sahara Desert to sell you.

Second the ship was a 1 shot - 1 kill Borg tactical Cube destroyer so yes it was pretty OP
I don't care what it was in the book, it's not going to be a one shot ship in the game.

Did I say PVP was ever going to get better nooooo, I said it will thorw that closed casket of PVP into ok you already read it that part.

So you can kick and scream canon that in the book it's suppose to one shot borg, but that wont happen in a mmo, maybe a single player game with cheat codes. There is a MOD of the ship for Bridge commander where you can one shot all you want.