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Originally Posted by borticuscryptic View Post
Honestly - and you might not like hearing this - it sounds like Orions are underpowered, not the other way around.

That being said, this is still good feedback on places where the other critter groups could potentially be tweaked. The big ones that stick out to me from personal experience are Energy Drain stacking, Aceton Assimilators and Isometric Charge.
I really dont mind Orions being buffed a bit, but the whole problem is that all factions are to out of whack, Viral spam, Subnuke spam, etc. its just annoying having to warp in and out all the time and wait for the best possible race to fight against.

Grav well and TB and other hull inflicting stuff is so gravely OP, even at wave 7/8 which are still doable easily with other species is just so overpowered though.

What about gorn and their warp plasma? same as the gravity well but the biggest problem is that the whole game gets bugged with warp poo. The bio neurals Reticles are sometimes not even visible anymore when we fight the (gorn i believe)

The reticles simply appear and disappear all the time on the bio neurals with warp poo being used in the NWS its a bug. Warp poo has always been bugged in this game, with the effects constantly appearing/disappearing, i think that everyone can back me up on this. It ONLY happens when warp poo is being used. And not being able to SEE warp poo itself makes the mission simply undoable because you cannot avoid it.

Thats my feedback. (btw I've been doing loads of NWS with the OP so I know whats going on)

Edit: perhaps something can also be done about those scrimitars which keep cloaking for ages, it doesnt really add anything to the difficulty level but its rather annoying. At some point they simply keep sitting under the rock, etc, recloak, bleh.

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