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Originally Posted by sekritagent View Post
I'd love to be able to make a K-7 size starbase solo! Eliminate all the outlying facilities and just have all the interior upgrades available as well as just the interior upgrade projects available. No shipyard, maybe "innate" transwarp but only to the base with no outbound transwarp, no comm array, no industrial fabricator. Maybe a smaller selection of doffs (i.e. general doff guy, no specialists) and smaller selection of provisioned items (just phaser/disruptor/quantum/photon items but still have both Advanced and Elite)
That would work indeed, even perhaps an outpost on a variety of different type of exterior. What about these as well for possible smaller bases for smaller groups? Also, what about Utopia Planitia type bases?

Starbase 375 - DS9

Several Different Types -Good list of other types that we dont even see as AI

Originally Posted by f2pdrakron View Post
I never understood why there is no player housing.
I completely agree, as well why hasn't Cryptic also presented a building project for that of the community as a whole?

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Player housing in MMO has been on the decline for quite some time, due to the shift from RP-oriented immersive experiences towards a F2P themepark-style game.

I dislike the notion of carving out private apartments in Starbases, since most Starfleet crew are stationed aboard vessels for years at the time. So if there is to be any housing, it should be from improved ship interiors instead - it's an existing location that each player has private access to. I'm developing a proposal for player-customisable ship interiors that could also be used as mission maps and access to player services, details of which are in my signature.

But I digress. Let us here instead focus on centersolace's proposal of lowering project requirements for smaller fleets at the cost of longer cooldowns.
Well, i can understand that position however this is a game after all and why not have a carved out private apartment at a starbase or otherwise? Remember when people return to earth they do have their own apartment or home they do return to and they have been out to space for years so why not have a place that is yours within the game?