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Originally Posted by vinru821 View Post
I have to admit. You are correct sir.

The people paying the large sums of cash for an advantage.. want an advantage, and they should get it. Fair or not, this is how it is.

Those who use free ships and consoles aren't as important as the people supporting the game in a financial way.. from a business standpoint.

Why would people pay big money for a car or house if it isn't bigger and better than public housing and a city bus lol.
Yeah, then after everyone buys the god ship, then you would make another one stronger faster, then another one, and another till you end up with a ship that has 100 consoles. not to mention that would mean most people will be flying the same ship to stay up to date, also it forces players have to buy ships with no choice at all to keep up with the other players, or get left behind.

I don't know many MMO's where everyone is happy with having buy the I win stuff.

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