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10-04-2012, 02:00 PM
Why tetryons if you have no flow caps consoles nor any ranks in the flow cap skill?
other points:
no hazard emitters
3 different teams, should dump sci team for HE1
EPtS 3 perhaps trade out for DEM, RSP, AB or another EWP
i'd replace the phased tets with polarized, only 2 arrays not real good odds of getting the phaser proc vs 2 more arrays w/10% tetryon proc.

and on tet beam boats i tend to prefer faw over BO. single target it acts as crf piling up procs rapidly. though doesn't really matter as you're only going to be doing base tet damage anyway to shields.

on the tet boats i run (5), 500~700+ for the proc depending what else i might have shoved in the sci slots. and at least 6 ranks in flow capacitor skill