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10-04-2012, 03:55 PM
Originally Posted by robeasom View Post
.... But Cryptic/PWE do not like making things easy unless it's easy excuses why they can't fix certain issues
This is perhaps the single best explaination to why 3/4 of our suggestions/bug reports go ignored. I've been hoping for months that they would add a "Character Selection" button to the options menu HINT HINT CRYPTIC, but I'm guessing it's been proposed and ignored before (Personally I'd be happy with the ability to simply crtl v my password into the password field). Much the same as the toolbar scramble mini-game has been an ongoing yet ignored nuisance.

Quick edit here:
It appears that we do have the ability to paste our password into the password bad Cryptic. Perhaps it was there several months ago, whatever the case it didn't work last time i tried it, but is working now.

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