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10-04-2012, 04:06 PM
i would definatley use a TSS 2 or 1 instead of a second HE.

also, the DOFF that reduces the cooldown on EPtX could be usefull instead of a 3rd shield distribution (those are expensive btw)

also i may suggest a complete 3 single cannon+4 turret weapon setup, with rapid fire 1 or 2 and AP:B 1 or 2.
for stfs i use 2 photon tubes [borg] front +2 cannons, rest turrest since there aren't many shielded targets...and those that have shields do not replenish them.

thats my idea...but very similar to the ones already suggested anyway. just with cannons. the skilltree is actually the one i use on my engi, on a sci oddy.
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