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On the other hand, if the humanoids are the same as the Preservers in TOS's "Paradise Syndrome" - and the in-game obelisks are clearly inspired by the Preserver obelisk in that episode, then they were still active only a few hundred years ago, which means they could have interacted with any of the modern species...
The writer's intent was that they were the same race (STO's gone with that), but they left explicit mention out of the show, and the end result is that it wasn't entirely clear they are the same, since the Preservers were doing a different thing than the aliens in The Chase - those aliens guided evolution, the Preservers prevented dying cultures from disappearing. Arguably they're compatible goals - they seem to have a benevolent view of their creations and it'd be understandable if they wouldn't want to see them disappear, even if it's only by blending with another group of the same species.

As to non humanoid races, even most of them show signs that they may have been partially manipulated to the same goal, or in the case of the Xindi possibly byproducts of the intended manipulations. The Xindi aquatics and insectoids are farther removed from the normal mold than usual, but they're still approximately humanoid. Presumably the avians were as well, though we only know what their head looks like (one of the fan theories on them is that the Preservers had tried to save them, hence the off-world ruins that should have been impossible).

Tholians and even the Undine are roughly humanoid from the waist up. However, the Sheliak are blobs with a roughly defined head but no clearly distinct limbs, and Horta are limbless invertebrates.