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Originally Posted by adamkafei View Post
Well I have now officially tried all the keybinding methods shown to me and none have worked... I have even tried running a two command script and still nothing... So I don't know if I'll be pulling that particular trick off in which case I'll have to settle for a good tray layout (one thing I don't fail dismally at)
Did you use the code I posted above?
I ... ummm ... made a typo there. Replace "spacebar" by just "space", 'that should fix it, if you placed the abilities correctly. Sorry, 'will fix it in the previous post.

Originally Posted by baudl View Post
i would definatley use a TSS 2 or 1 instead of a second HE.

also, the DOFF that reduces the cooldown on EPtX could be usefull instead of a 3rd shield distribution (those are expensive btw)

also i may suggest a complete 3 single cannon+4 turret weapon setup, with rapid fire 1 or 2 and AP:B 1 or 2.
for stfs i use 2 photon tubes [borg] front +2 cannons, rest turrest since there aren't many shielded targets...and those that have shields do not replenish them.

thats my idea...but very similar to the ones already suggested anyway. just with cannons. the skilltree is actually the one i use on my engi, on a sci oddy.
With shield distri DOffs, you don't need TSS, and when tanking against borg a second HE is more than helpful, even with the Borg set. And it's a second hull heal, with a damage resistance effect. It's not a bad choice.
Of course TSS or even Polarize Hull instead are good options, too, but after testing each of these, I'm favoring dual HE, especially for STFs.
YMMV though.

Single Damage Control DOffs are pretty pointless - they won't save you a BOff slot, and there's no downtime if you run dual copies, in fact you get a perfect rotation going, while a DOff proc can actually screw that up and make the wrong EPtX trigger.

And yes, a cannon-setup works, nothing wrong with it, but it's not superior to beams, either - it just plays differently.
Beams are better at gaining aggro when mobs are all over the place, for cannons they need to be in nice groups. Beams also make it easier to run at full speed while firing.
On the other hand, for DPS purposes, cannons can get better DPS - if you're running CRF or can fire at tight groups with CSV. 'Takes practice to maneuver for that, though, and you need to think ahead.
Both are viable though.

Originally Posted by adamkafei View Post
Ok, I did a little more playing with it and got the keybind to work, That is stupidly useful though, Why do they not teach this at the academy?
Nice to hear, despite my typo.

There's little point in teaching keybinds to real beginners - while leveling, your abilities are in constant change, the content is easy enough without, and having to work through that keybinding business takes a bit of time, unless someone sets it up for you.
So it's usually treated as "don't worry about if for now, read up on it when you want to PvP or do ESTs" - and that's no longer Academy business.
On the other hand, once people post in shipyard, it's usually assumed they have done their homework and read up, so it's rarely discussed here, either.

Keybinds make a hell of a difference though.

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