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We still need one more moderator. Please PM me if you're willing to volunteer for this duty. Please be aware that as a moderator you are not permitted to participate as a PvPer, to maintain neutrality.

Important Note: the tournament has been delayed for one week due to Cryptic's new patch. Hopefully by that time all participants will be able to get a handle on the new mechanics.

In the meantime, I will be hosting a practice tournament this weekend (Saturday, 10/13). No prizes, unfortunately, but you can get some practice in against your opponents, and get some fun pew-pew as well.

@Alecto has offered to moderate this event.

Voice Chat
PaxOttomana from Turkish RP Heroes has offered their international PVP Teamspeak for this event. Please visit when the tournament starts and we can get you set up.

Fleets and Teams Currently Participating
This list will be periodically updated as fleets/teams are formed.

Guide: Bold indicates definite participation, italics indicates potential participation, underline indicates individual participation, and * (star) indicates team leader.

Turkish RP Heroes - The following will be participating from Turkish RP Heroes:
Jedi Master Yoda

Show Me Your Critz - falloutx23 has indicated Critz will participate, now awaiting team member names.

Federation Emergency Services - guriphu has indicated FES may participate,
now awaiting team member names.

Lafamilia - The following will be participating from Lafamilia:
@SmeagolSneak (fish eater)

-X-treme - The following will be participating from -X-treme:
@nixtux *
@amidoinitright *

Sad Pandas - The following are participating from Sad Pandas
@marctraider (MT)
@naz1911 (Naz)
@hurleybird (Jorf)
@tick0 (Tick)
@USSEnterpiseZ (Bieber)

SVR - The following are participating from SVR

Date and Time of Tournament
Note: The host (me, Hunter@ProjectOctober) is in Eastern Standard Time, just for reference.
The tournament has been postponed to Saturday, October 20th due to the recent patch. Time is to be determined, but I'm leaning toward 1:00PM, Eastern Standard Time.

Sign Up Form
If you want to sign up, please fill out the following form and post it in reply to this thread, and I will add you to the list:

Team <name>: - this will be your team's name. This is just a formality, to make it easier on me , so that I don't have to refer to you as "Naz and Jorf and ...". If you are not a fleeted team that's OK, that's what the next part's for, but you still need a team name, like "Pax's Team".

Team Members: - List the @handles of the members that will form your team. Please indicate which member of the team will serve as the team's leader (for organizational purposes).

Pledges: - Please indicate any pledged amounts of EC (if any). This is not a requirement, but if any participant would like to pledge some EC to the prize money, please indicate here the @handle of that participant and the amount of EC pledged.

Time Zones & Dates: - Please indicate here the best dates and times that your team can play. If possible, list several, because I'm going to be using this to pin down a time to host this thing.

Rules of the Tournament
Ban List: The following Duty Officers and Consoles are banned as Tier 1. No captain participating in this tournament is permitted to carry any number of these.
- Subnucleonic Beam Duty Officer
- Siphon Drones
- Aceton Assimilator
- Graviton Pulse

Question: What happened to "Tier 1" and "Tier 2"?
Answer: Too confusing and difficult to enforce. I've reduced it to just a single list of banned items.

Time Limit: In the interest of keeping this tournament from being one 8 hour snorefest after another, I'm imposing a time limit on the matches. If a match goes beyond 45 minutes (this is subject to change, you guys tell me what you think is fair), the team with the highest score wins. If the teams are tied, then the match goes into sudden-death overtime (next kill wins).

NOTE: each participant gets a say in the tournament rules. I am not interested in dictating these rules; I believe for everyone to have fun, they should have a voice in what rules they will be fighting under. These rules are subject to change until 48 hours before the tournament, at which point they will not be changed further.

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