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10-04-2012, 06:44 PM

@amidoinitright or @nixtux for organization.


Pledges: TBA

Times seem fairly flexible. The roster may change as RL comes first.


Going to add so notes for rules here instead of making a new post.

1: I'd agree with Jorf and Min regarding Grav pulse.
2: Teams should be limited to one carrier or one carrier producing NPCs. it is PVP, afterall, and not PvPvE. Not sure on the current change to NPCs and phaser proc rate, but regardless, a screen with massive NPCs overshadowing the opposing team isn't really fun.
3: Thoughts on tric mines?
4: Team batts/jevonite (sp)
-X-/Pandas - Pheo - Didn't watch your stream but was told about it by a little birdie. Since you want this public and all. Lulz. BTW we never wish death on any of you. And wanting a fight so you aren't pugstomping isn't a crime. kkthxbai Hai Pax, Priest, Neo.

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