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A while back, when I was thinking of writing a Foundry mission (I've since decided to leave that to better hands than I), I did some research on this matter. Let me try to flesh out my notes a bit:

Sargon's people, who were originally humanoid, flourished some 600 thousand years ago, contemporary with the T'kon Empire. (The Iconians were 200 thousand years ago - possibly the "next wave" to arise?)
500 thousand years ago, they destroyed themselves in a civil war, burning off their homeworld's atmosphere. Peter A. David claimed that both this and the fate of the T'kon was the result of meddling godlike beings: Sargon's people were incited to war by the entity from "Day of the Dove", while the T'Kon were being "tested" by the Q later known as "0". Actually, 0 cheated and stacked the deck against them, and destroyed them out of pique when they were about to succeed (despite his meddling) in swapping their dying sun for a new one - this got him banished beyond the Galactic rim.

At the time of their destruction, Sargon's species was on the cusp of becoming fully non-corporeal; they still require material vessels (containment orbs, humanoid or android bodies, starships, etc).
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