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10-04-2012, 10:03 PM
Hey dude,

I run and own PUBLICELITESTF come hit us up there. I had a similar issue as yourself a few months ago and did the same thing, set up my own channel. We're very chilled out chat away do your thing run games. Theres always something running, if not create it and announce and games fill quickly. We currently stand at over 1200 members. When I started the channel there were a few stf channels running but mostly dead. Publicelitestf has brought players from all these channels together including many from ESTF like ourselves that may have been kicked over Silly things and other private channels, we have alot of STFVeterans guys in also so I'm told so we must be doing something right. I pvp myself and alot the OPVP guys run games here too,(although they'll never admit to playing PVE we all need the tech right? ) always good to have pvpers face roll stfs ,the more the merrier I say!

Getting to where the channel is now was no easy feat, and while I wish you all the best, you'd be more then welcome and would be just as well to save yourself the hassle and run games on mine. STF channels are a numbers game, you need big numbers to ensure games are always running. As we all know Estf still has this numbers game, with publicelitestf being the second largest, and gradually closing the gap. But if you are determined to get it up and running like I said I wish you all the best, I remember somebody telling me when I started it'd never take off.... Go figure!

Good luck and good hunting!!

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