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10-04-2012, 11:49 PM
Thanks for the quick review and feedback. I have a few questions for clarification and some responses:

When you first hear the rogue agents on the 4028 map, what option did you chose when your tactical away team member asked for orders?

I set it up so the player has the option to either stun (and have a chance to question the leader), Heavy stun (they're out cold but left alive), or kill, which would leave them as you found them. If you chose an option other then kill, then it's a bug i need to fix. A number of comments I received for my first mission asked for options on how to deal with the enemies, so I set up this so that there would be some visual consequences to their choice.

In terms of the conversation you mentioned, was it a matter of tone, the available responses, or just having them be dead? I will probably go back and switch the conversation to an item like you suggested later, just wanted to get this out then since I've been working on it for so long.

- The characters facing the wall is a i thought i had fixed already when testing in the foundry. Will fix tomorrow, too late tonight.

- Respawns are also a bug due to how this map is formed and having to mess around with y coordinates that arn't always consistent. Will go through again and see what I can do. you said you were BELOW the map on the last respawn point? Usually I was ending up above, if thats the case will have to raise the point.

- A question: Did you go into the cell as asked by the console message? I'm trying to get an idea of how often people are or are not. (Not saying if doing so would have helped or hurt you. All I'm saying is that there IS A way to know one way or another if you pay attention to what people are saying earlier in the mission).

- I have been aiming to lean the difficulty for this series more towards "Nintendo" hard without moving into Battletoads territory (please dont let me so old that no one gets this). However I am working into each mission ways to make the mission easier if you use your head a bit)
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