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10-05-2012, 01:44 AM
Thanks. I've tweaked some of the dialogue (just) to work with that. The genetics expert is a little less dogmatic now, but the character has some choice which to believe. I'm working on the basis that HurviQah (the Ferasan) is on to something, but he's got the mechanism wrong. The admiral does make some reference to an ancient split, but I've based it (rightly or wrongly) on minor characters in-universe not having heard of the classified Ferasan database in the DOFF chain. That also explains the genetic engineering that changed the Ferasans now.
Glad you enjoyed it though. I already had a plan for a sequel that would take it in a slightly different direction, looking at some of the TOS "duplicate" worlds, but I think the Caitians not being one of those, while other planets are, because they came from Ferasa (and HurviQah thinking they must be duplicates) could make a compelling story - I think I can integrate both of those with this mission.