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I did not make your point because those turrets on the bombers were made to shoot holes in other planes. They are .50 calibur or machine guns. The pilots wore flak vest that doesn't stop bullets and will minimize wounds from shrapnel from flak. You can look up flak for yourself. The plate in front of the pilot was made to stop flak and will only stop 9 mil, through 7.62. Nothing is stopping .50 cal rounds but tank armor, and there are no such planes flying around, even today with that kind of armor. Bombers never went one on one with fighter planes, there were always groups of fighters to take on bombers. The fighters didn't have avionics so they had to fire from close distance while straight on to target, and risk getting killed by the the machine gun turrets. Since you are so ignorant on the supbject, I suggest you get off your lazyboy chair, and go to the library read the books on this subject, go to your Military Day events, or go to a museum where there are WWII fighter planes and bombers and asked veterants who operated these things. Better yet, join the military and you will have all the access to this information and more, as long as you're not a criminal.
just do us a favour and klick on the link i provided and actually read the subsection i pointed out, before further derailing this thread. it is little known fact that machine guns had proven little effective on bombers during the second world war.

but knowing you, you chose to ignore facts in fovour of your own opinion.
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