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10-05-2012, 03:46 AM
"You might get more bang for your buck out of Polarize than Jam for the reason that you're using it. Polarize lasts longer, isn't a single target ability, and doesn't fade if you're attacking the target."

yeah, good poiunt, i switch back and forth and rested on the jam cause everyone hates it (lol)

but i think i er think on this shuttle thing and have been all across the board

i tried the ferengi universal console and it took up a nbeeded weapon slot so ditched it in favor of a specialty console again

i was thinking maybe the borg console, ferengi consile ande imnpulse or photonic swithc off in the remaining slot

but i am still at the romulan mysteryt and do like an episode every 3 months (lol)

thnaks for the reply

oh yeah, a shuttle with a scienc officer is a science ship

i thi8nk alot of people think they own the game or soemthng