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This is just like the 31/31/31 arguments against Paladins in WoW.

If a Cruiser is loaded to the gills with DPS abilities, they lose most of their tanking abilities.
Not all true, but most. Due to the increased number of Engineering BOff ability openings when compared to an Escorts.

Even if they give Cruisers a more flexible BOff layout allowing greater access to Tactical abilities it won't change much in the way of their damage output due to the design of FAW and BO. I wouldn't recommend cannons for Cruisers as a way of increasing damage, let the Escorts keep their Defiant styled weapons.

Again, increasing the turn rate and changing the inertia is not going to put us over the top or anywhere near the mobility of Escorts. You act as if we want a mid teens turn rate.
For the largest ships Fed side we aren't even asking for a 9, we are asking for an 8 tops.

When tweaking numbers you don't tweak based on the average or poor players performance. You tweak or create based on its maximum potential.
So when I say I think that gap should be smaller, I mean smaller when played by competent players closest towards its best performance. Right now that gap is 83%+ for Escorts when played by players of equal skill.

Bumping that to close the gap to something closer to 38%-42% for Enginner/Science piloted Cruisers. I believe for Tac Captains in a Cruiser that difference would be something closer to a 20%-24% difference for Tac Captains. And there wouldn't be a very large increase in durability for the Tac Captain over the Escorts because the abilities of the BOffs would all be geared towards damage and not survivability.

Why did players choose to play anything other than a Warrior for melee dps in WoW?
Why did players choose to play anything other than a Priest for healing in WoW?
Why did players choose to play anything other than a Mage for ranged dps in WoW?
Never played wow and you missed the point.
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The Federation may have all the superficial attention - but the game engine has a Klingon heart that lives only for battle.