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Originally Posted by drkfrontiers View Post
Not very fond of the Krenn I must say. Any thoughts on my build would be appreciated:

ENG Lt.Cmdr - EptS 1 + RSP 1 + DEM II (or EptS III)
TAC Cmdr - TT + CRF 1 + APO 1 + CRF III
TAC Lt. - TT + APD 1
SCI Lt. - HE 1, TSS II
ENG Ens - EptS 1

3x DHC + Temporal Torp thingy
3x Turrets

If only to see the ship in action, and show what some posters are referring to when they mention the consoles and um...dying.

The Key on the Krenn is going to be the LtCmdr uni slot. What goes there? Specifically we are talking about the LtCmdr ability. The assumption here is that you will NOT run another Tac and that you simply swap between engineer and science with your 2 universal slots.

As mentioned, DEM does not play well currently with cannon buffs. As you are able to carry a LOT of cannon buffs, skip DEM. If you used warp plasma instead, you would be able to place a cloud wherever you wanted it to be potentially holding opponents still so that your CRF's could crit them to death. Or you could put an extend shields and be more supporty.

If you chose Sciency magic you could use a VM, a shockwave, or a strong tractor in that slot. Really the idea here is to think......hmmmmm.....what big sort of punchy thing can I put in a Lt Cmdr slot?

If you traded out your omega's/delta's and just went with two each of cannon and torpedo you would see a gain in potential burst damage on opponents hulls and at the least better results from your special "Torp Thingy". Is that what you kids call it these days?

Or you could go for the full chroni set and start using a beam overload in the mix. Heck you don't even need the set, just get a beam bank on there and slap in a beam overload.

Omega and Delta are great. But they aren't your only options. Aux to ID, Polarize hull, Batteries, Modulator, Evasive Maneuvers, Brace for Impact are all good options available to you at this point. So consider them.


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