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10-05-2012, 05:48 AM
I kind of agree with the sentiment expressed by the OP. But I think you should simply have scaled and like level grouped ques akin to the general purpose fleet actions (SB 24 for example) so that people of all levels can enjoy these events without worry or concern. No one wants to hold a team back or be seen as a liability but they do want to play the game.

While I was leveling up my current toon, I once thought I que?d up for SB 24 in my rookie ship but some how ended up in a Fleet Alert. It was actually caused by the mouse cursor leaving the FA highlighted down the list when scrolling to find SB 24 to double click on it. Stuff like this can happen sometimes if one is not fully paying attention. Man, I was so embarrassed and slunk down in my chair but had no time to just drop before the event began. I started too anyway but fleet members encouraged me to play it out. I killed five ships through the match as it didn?t seem to scale my weapon damage well but I never died while a group of 4 level 50?s I was stuck with seemed to die every time they spawned. O.o

I still haven?t figured out what was up with that group. Sometimes? Level just doesn?t matter...