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Originally Posted by adamkafei View Post
My beams manage a little over 500 DPH at 5km with EPtW cycling I scrape 300 unbuffed so for me this would be an upgrade and this is AFTER I refined my character and ship build in favour of beams

So on these grounds yes I do suck, apparently I suck majorly but me being me I won't deny that as I have no self respect so yeah, call me what you will.
Have you looked at DontdrunkImshoots testing on overclocked Weapon Power used with beams? You should, with EPTW be able to push your weapons power past 125 and see a benefit in increased damage for the effort.
Use some other abilities mentioned in the same thread and you can get some outstanding damage from beams with or without a Tactical Toon at the helm.

Cannons it seems do not benefit from this quirk in the mechanics of the game.
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