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10-05-2012, 06:45 AM
Originally Posted by shakesfistatsky View Post
Yesterday I wound in a pug with 4 lowbies and we managed to save just 1 freighter. I got 2 whole fleet marks out of it and it was a compete waste of time. They simply do not have the firepower necessary to compete effectively in fleet events at VA level.
Starbase Blockade does not need firepower to save freighters.....
If you only managed to save 1 freighter you cannot blame 'lowbies' for your failure to save anymore, on my own I can save a freighter, sometimes 2 freighters at once if they spawn near each other (I'm a science captain btw) and my fleet mates can do exactly the same when I taught them the tactics I came up with, be they science engineering or tactical.
Please have a look at the below link to my post on tactics for starbase blockade, if you can follow this I guarantee that you will get at least 6/7 freighters saved no matter what team you are with 'lowbie' or not