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10-05-2012, 07:47 AM
The ideal of raising non 40/50-levels to that level has no meaning if the weapons on the ship are still low performing for the mission. If low ranking characters are going to play with high ranking players (espeically those with mod gear/MK XI/XII) then the low-ranking players have to receive a major power/points boost to make this useful.

The obvious solution if to keep LT to CPTs in one group and raise everyone up to the base level of the higests ranked player in to the group, and to have RA/VAs as another group. The only problem would be population base (especially for the KDF) to maintain game play for that type of mission.

Really, I see Fleet Action more feasible if a non-faction varian is made (just like STFs), so that teams are easier to build and all players can easily jump into one. There is always an excuse for why a KDF is attacking another KDF, and FEDs can always be going up against MU FEDs. Either way, theire needs to be some tweeking to make the gameplay more reliable than just throwing a bunch of oddly ranked players into a group and telling them, "Good Luck with that."