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10-05-2012, 07:59 AM
Originally Posted by havam View Post
I'd be up with either a sci or eng, if anybody has a spot. Will sese if SVR has a team to field.
No class restrictions?
Cross faction OK?

My Tac is in SVR and I'd be honored to take the field with or against the people already listed in this thread. I can bring any class, though I think my Eng is actually in Xtreme, but I haven't logged into him in forever. I'm on 9p-2a Eastern if that works for trying to practice.

Is there a time of day we're leaning towards yet for the actual tournament?

If I can't get with a real team then I'll just go into DS9 and post up in zone chat that I'm putting together a team for The Cure Normal and we'll join. Failing that I'll head to Drozana and say I need 4 people to team up to come to my bridge for RP.