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10-05-2012, 07:47 AM
Well first off, I'm glad you chose escorts. They are (for me) the most fun you can have in this game, in pvp especially. As to which you should choose?

With the Tac Retrofit you get cloak! That can be fun, as you can choose when to strike your opponent (when he's weakest! :p) with a sweet alpha strike.

The MVAE looks cool and for me has a better boff layout versatility-wise and splits up, personally the splitting up put me off getting this as I prefer my ship in one piece. :]

And the Escort carrier is the beefiest, with the engi lt commander slot and obviously you can bring pets with you. (However you'll probably get some people griping if you use the danubes)

In short, cloaking alpha, splitting up tac/sci, or carrier tac/engi. If I had to choose which to recommend,Ii would go with the Esc carrier for more versatility in the long run, but its a close run thing considering the appeal of alpha striking from cloak. Hope this is at least a tiny help!

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