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Originally Posted by cooperblack1 View Post
tested it with a fleet mate just a few minutes ago and it does give +16 to all power levels and it can drain -16 to all power levels, So i don't know where you get your facts from but perhaps you should test it yourself.

And even If your opponent protects himself against power drain you still get the +16 to all levels, For comparison you can even get +16 to engines from dumping 22500 skill points into the engine power skill.

Hell you can dump all 99000 skill points into your power levels and still won't get the same benefit.

But hey lets have a mid-tier console that can surpass all your power skills because that makes perfect sense.
Which I never argued. The PL is suppossed to have a maximum of 2 points per stack on 8 stacks for a +16 maximum bonus.
What I was arguing against is your silly and false;
Originally Posted by cooperblack1 View Post

That's +64 combined power gain and it doesn't disappear as long as you keep firing (it stacks 10 times).
Which is completly bogus.
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