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10-05-2012, 08:58 AM
I've flown the AE ever since my toon hit admiral. I bought the MVAE and moved the console over to the standard AE, as I like the heavier tactical focus of its Boff slots. Multi Vector mode can be a lot of fun. Beta Command turns your ship into something like a fighter. You can dogfight a BoP, and it packs a mean punch. This is my default. Alpha Command gets you some better survivability in cases where that's important, at the expense of losing Beta's turnrate and weapon power boosts. I generally don't care what happens to my pet vectors, if they live they live, if they die they die. It's all about what the one I'm flying can do.

Now, the main weakness is that MVA mode has a wicked cooldown. When you activate, the two options you didn't choose immediately go on 5 minute cooldown. The one you chose starts a 10 minute cooldown starting when it's deactivated. This is where the weakness comes. If you die, it cancels MVA mode. On a 10 minute cooldown, that probably means you won't get a chance to use it again in that match. This is an issue in PvP as human players know this fact, and know your separated ship is fragile, and will make a point to spoil your big ability. As a PvE ship though, it's great fun, especially once you get good enough to avoid dying while separated.