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10-05-2012, 10:10 AM
if you got the EC's for it, you could also try the new Mobius Temporal destroyer... 10 console escort that is a beast with the temporal set.

I got a mobius with the iso console and the entire Temporal Set. yes i know some people dont have it, probably wont ever get the entire set, i'd jsut like to point out with the 3rd set bonus active it makes me feel like the enemies arent even moving.

It had 4 sci and tac slots and 2 eng slots for consoles. and a universal Lt. and LtCom. sincei use iso charge i got the lt com slot with a sci with grav well and it hits everything i grav well, blows up things really fast. With the DBB of the Temporal set i can use BO to help with my alphas. BO + CRF/CSV + Grav well + Iso charge tends to kill the smaller ship groups in 1 pass, or clsoe to it.

the HEC though is pretty good too. i like it when i dont feel like playing my true carrier char.
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