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10-05-2012, 10:14 AM
Originally Posted by syberghost View Post
In tasks that are intentionally designed to encourage the formation of large fleets? Well, yeah; by design.

This entire system is designed to reward the formation of medium-sized fleets. You're asking that it be repurposed to do the exact opposite. Real fleets encourage longevity of play; solo fleets are just attempts to get free bank space. Ok, great; the system lets you form them. The fleet base projects are deliberately designed to encourage you to move beyond them.

Not everything added to the game has to be of equal benefit to every player.
The problem with that is that Cryptic essentially could be blamed for killing that of the fleets by ignoring them for as long as they did. While that is the past, they bring in something to occupy the fleets shortly after yr 2, close to yr 3 and i understand that MMO's evolve and expand overtime but Cryptic should have anticipated a size in regards to the members in a fleet instead of giving them one standard, only going half way instead of giving options but that is Cryptic.